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Patient Reviews!

     Over the years, I have been truly honored by the wonderful letters of appreciation that patients have written along with their on-line reviews. Now I would like to share them with you as well. Please visit and and you will find letters like the one I have attached below!

I was very blessed to have found Dr Williams. I was having 3 periods a month with heavy bleeding, severe cramping. nausea & other uncomfortable symptoms. My GP called Dr Williams & he had me in his office the next day. I walk into his office... And I see the most tranquil, peaceful, beautiful & comfortable waiting room... then I was greeted by a friendly smiling staff. Being that I have had female issues in the past at a pretty young age I was very nervous walking into a new OBGYN's office. The wait to see the Doctor was pretty short thank goodness because I was so nervous. When he walked in the room I immediately felt a sense of ease come over me, I knew this man was going to help me, His demeanor is so calm & soothing. He listens to what you have to say without interruption & he thoroughly explains the awnsers to your questions. He is very detailed when it comes to explaining your treatment options & does not push you to make a decision right away or push what he believes you "should" do on you. We decided the best option for me would be a novasure vaginal ablation. The preocedure went flawlessly... minimal pain & just a small amount of spotting the day of & after the surgery. I didn't want to mention this but I feel I have to, I had a reaction to the anesthesia & ended up getting very sick, I was vomiting for so many hours Dr Williams ordered me back to the hospital. This had NOTHING to do with the procedure, it was a fluke & completely anesthesia related. While I was in the hospital Dr Williams was a saint. He got there about an hour after me being put in my room on a Sat. He took such amazing care of me I will be eternally grateful. Yes the nurses take on the role of the care taker in the hospital but we all know they are following Doctors orders. Sunday I was still in the hospital watching TV very tired I look up and there is Dr Williams smiling face. During that stay in the hospital I really learned what an amazing genuinely caring & loving Doctor this man is. He was by my side the entire time & was available by phone whenever we needed him. He is not the norm when it comes to Doctors... He goes way above & beyond the call of duty. You know the best part about Dr Williams? He is genuine & sincere, he has a huge passion for his job & he is all about whats best for the patient. I highly recommend him and I personally will never go to another OBGYN.